Corona Virus Update

System One (GMTL) Exceptional Terms and Conditions of Refund

Refund policy only valid from 23rd March 2020

Due to current situation with Corona Virus we have reviewed and relaxed our Terms and Condition for refunds of Travelcards.

TravelCards you can claim for:

Annual AnyBus and Tram (including Tram Zone 1) also known as CountyCard

Monthly AnyBus and Tram (including Tram Zone 1) also known as CountyCard

28 Day AnyBus Adult, Young Person, Junior

28 Day AnyBus and Tram Adult

How much can I claim?

If you have 7 days or more left on your 28 Day, Monthly or Annual ticket (from 23rd March 2020) then we will refund (pro rata) the daily cost of the remainder of the ticket back to you via Cheque or Bank Transfer.

What if I have another Travelcard – like a 7 Day AnyBus?

Unfortunately, our standard terms and conditions apply, and we will not be offering refunds for any other Travelcards other than those specified above.

Is there an Administration Charge?

There will be no administrative charge.

I’m a corporate or bulk customers

If you are a corporate or bulk sales customer, please contact should be contacted)

What evidence do I need to show that I am no longer using my Travelcard?

Annual tickets must be returned in the post to GMTL, c/o Stagecoach Manchester (Head Office), Hyde Road, Manchester, M12 6JS before a refund payment will be made. (except Corporate tickets where should be contacted)

Monthly tickets you must take a photo of the destroyed ticket (cut in half) and submit with your claim on our refund page.

Smart Travelcards, your ticket will be cancelled when refund is processed – there is no need to return your smart card.

What is the process to get a refund?

Please click here to head to our refund page for details depending on your ticket type.